Sep 01, 2023

Hankook introduces iON Innovation Technology for EV tires

NASHVILLE — Hankook Tire & Technology Co. Ltd. has introduced the technology it uses to build tires for electric vehicles (EVs), the iON Innovative Technology system.

According to the company, the technology was designed to accelerate efficiency in research and development and enhance communication with customers. The technology is named after Hankook's iON brand, which is the moniker for the tire maker's line of EV tires.

Hankook claims iON products demonstrated up to 18% reduction in cabin noise, up to 15% increase in tire life, up to 10% increase in driving stability and up to 6% increase in miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent (MPGe) efficiency compared to tires for vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

According to Hankook, the iON Innovative Technology system has four tire branded technologies designed for EV attributes, including: i Sound Absorber (noise); i Super Mileage (wear), i Perfect Grip (grip), and i Extreme Lightness (LRR).

Hankook has divided the four categories into 15 technology components, "providing a more organized and streamlined R&D process," the tire maker said.

Hankook said it will use the new technology system when communicating with customers, explaining the distinct attributes of EVs, the necessity for dedicated tires and the specialized electric vehicle technology embedded in iON.

The new system features 58 commercialized patent technologies, Hankook said, that have been integrated into iON. Nine of those patents have been applied to iON, including 'Noise Guard,' the thick, vertical tire groove on the tire's surface for noise reduction.

Mileage enhancement technology has 11 patents, including ProDurable Compound, designed to extend tire life by combining advanced materials, and Round Even, which the company said renders a more uniformed road contact pressure.

A total of 23 patents have been used to enhance tire grip and handling, such as Grip Claw, a material utilizing ultra-thin-film 3D Kerf technology, and ProGrip Compound, which combines high silica concentrations with eco-friendly materials for improved grip. And 15 patented technologies have been implemented, including ProCoupling Compound, designed to enhance rolling resistance by increasing silica dispersion through optimal compound combinations.

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